Programme options in Ipeľské Predmostie

The natural values and folklore traditions of Ipeľské Predmostie

The village and its surroundings are popular touristic destinations amongst nature lovers and cyclists as a result of the spectacular flora and fauna of the area. Besides, it has rich traditions which are maintained by the local people. They are pleased to show the cultural values of the area and share their good quality products with visitors.


Wine tasting and apiaries 

Get familiar with diverse local foods. Meet a local wine and honey producers. Have lunch in the Várkapitány restaurant of Drégelypalánk then make gingerbreads in the afternoon and find out where the honey is from. Finally, taste or drink good quality wines which are produced in Ipolyhídvég. Visitors can get an insight into wineries and wine-making technologies where also vine varieties are introduced to the people interested. The guests can be involved in grape harvesting and gain experience about viticulture and the hard work of making great wine.


Do you know that the Mead ( honey wine ) is created by fermenting the honey and it can be made in your own kitchen? Herbs and different flavours can be added to make it really delicious. In  Ipolyhídvég, visitors can get an insight into the whole system of apiculture, the world of beekeeping and the honey production process. Some interesting facts about bees’ life are also explained. The honey products are available for taste and purchase.