Programme options in Balassagyarmat

Civitas Fortissima-Balassagyarmat, the bravest city

Balassagyarmat is a beautiful town with a rich historic past. On Main Street, there are many historic monuments and relics that have an interesting story or historical events. The town still has a peculiar civic atmosphere that had existed and formed the base of the town’s life in the past. Firstly, we recommend you to visit the Motorcycle Museum in which motorcycles in original condition are exhibited, also booklets, manuals, and other motorcycling related materials can be seen.

Discover the secret of the Bravest City! The Civitas Fortissima Museum has historicl collections of different documents, arms and military materials that can be seen on permanent exhibition.

After having a delicious meal in the outstanding Svejk Restaurant, we can take a refreshing walk in the Palóc Grove. The size of the park is about 4 acres and it is a nature reserve area in which besides numerous statues and historical monuments, the Palóc Museum can be seen. The Palóc Museum was the first one to be established in an open-air area. There is also a Palóc House which provides interesting programmes to all age groups. We can also learn about the traditional life of villagers throughout their life course or the superstitions of birth and death.

More gastronomic enjoyment awaits visitors in the Orchidea Pastry Shop. Péter Jagyutt the master of pastries who makes alluring and luscious cakes such as “100 Talléros” (100 Crowns) or “Batorság szelet” (Valiant Bar) and Hõsõk tortája ( Heores’Cake )

Guests are recommended to visit the Gallery of Endre Horváth or the permanent exhibition of paintings in the Jánossy Art Gallery. Furthermore, on hot summer days, we can spend the whole afternoon on the town beach and later in the evening, we can go to the 3D cinema and have a tasty piece of pizza for dinner.