Programme options in Veľká Čalomija

We offer visitors full-day programmes related to the history and culture of Veľká Čalomija. Visitors are also provided with a special dinner of different pork products in the evening. A World War II military bunker can be seen in great condition in Veľká Čalomija. Quite interestingly, it was not the strongest fortress because it was suitable for two riflemen only. Children are also allowed to visit the bunker accompanied by their parents.

The renovated ruins of the ancient church "Pusztatemplom" is one of the most valuable buildings which dates back to the age of the House of Árpád Kings and had been designed before the Mongol invasions of Europe. It was a sacred church in the past and its ruins can be found in Veľká Čalomija today. The ruins of Pusztatemplom creates an idyllic and tranquil atmosphere together with the surrounding natural environment. It is one of the most popular touristic destinations not only amongst local citizens but among foreigners too. This marvellous area is also a favourite place either for a church wedding and civil wedding ceremonies, furthermore several cultural events are organised here such as the famous “ Night of the Museums “ event.


When visiting Veľká Čalomija make sure you don’t leave out some sports activities that should be included and make your visit more meaningful and exciting. Between Pusztatemplom and the Village Museum, there are excellent walking and cycling routes providing great possibilities of hikes, bicycle or water trips along the river Ipoly. On the North part of the village, there is an asphalt road leading to the forest which provides good opportunities for visitors to take part in different sports such as short distance Marathon running or Fast Walking competitions.