Programme options in Bušince

The natural and historical values of Bušince

The village is located in the valley of the Ipeľ River, surrounded by a scenic wine-growing region. We can have a magnificent view from the top of the surrounding hills, moreover, we might be able to see beyond Slovakia.

We can cycle not only on the main roads but on natural paths along the river where many possibilities are provided for refreshments and to chill out. In addition, we can simply walk on the village bridge over the river and get to Hungary.

In the Village Museum, visitors can get familiar with local history thanks to an amateur archaeologist, Pavel Pišák who has a great collection of old coins and various historic objects he found them in Bušince-area.

The Life of a prominent pioneer of flight, Aladár Koch Zsélyi is also shown in the Museum where his tragic death is also revealed.

The healing water of Štavica spring offers not only a good refreshing moment for tourists during their trip but also has a positive impact on the digestive system, therefore, it is a popular touristic target for visitors. Most people take a large amount of spring water to their home because it has a great healing effect on dermatology problems as well. Although the smell of the water warns off some people the healing property of the water is unquestionable.

There are other places in Bussa region that simply cannot be missed like the Madách Castle Museum of Dolná Strehová which is within a longer walking distance or approachable by bike. Besides, We suggest you consider finishing during the day at the Thermal Bath of Dolná Strehová.