Programme options in Ipolytölgyes

Walking in Ipolytölgyes......where the cultural heritage comes alive


Ipolytölgyes, which is located in the lower section of the river Ipoly, offers various and exciting programmes to visitors all year round. Programmes include different sports activities such as fishing, paddling, cycling, martial arts shows and training of Shirayan Vajramutthí, as well as mind-challenging Devil’s Padlocks. Special local dishes are also waiting for you.

Besides chilli peppers, spices and herbs, and pickles, different products with walnut, preserved jams, bottled fruit and some specialities such as bottled green walnut or spiced- chilli blackberry and green walnut sauce, various peach-, honeydew melon, and cherry jams and a wide range of exotic spices can be found and tasted throughout the programmes. In addition, the host happily shares his knowledge about these specialties which he had gained in India and Sri Lanka.

You are invited for a refreshing walk and offered explanations by the local historians about local culture and history. We can visit the Church of Holy Spirit where we can walk around the cross of the tower. Inside the church, there are many fascinating historical and sacral objects that can be shown by the local clerk as well. Furthermore, you are allowed to pick fruit from the trees of public premises with no charge. ( plums, pears, and cherries )

The Ethnographic Village Museum is only a short walking distance from the church. For those who prefer modern life services, we provide opportunities for recreation in the Integrated Public Space Service building where some temporary exhibitions can also be seen. ( The building is only 3 minutes walk from the Village Museum )

The playground of the village provides entertainment for children while the rose garden provides relaxation for adults. For those who are interested in sports activities, there is a football pitch and a basketball court next to the playground.