The town is located in the point where the Ipeľ and Krupinica rivers converge and the Ipoly leaves the border. The town is divided by the Ipeľ river. Šahy was first mentioned in a charter issued by Béla the IV who reigned in the 13th century.

The County Hall of Kemence had gone up into flames in 1806 thus Ipolyság became the County Town of Hont.

There are so many buildings on the main square of the town that well worth a visit. While taking a short walk in the town centre visitors can see the gallery of Lajos Simonyi, the old Polish Inn, also the old Savings Bank. Furthermore, the renovated Synagogue which is situated in the Bartók square and operates as a cultural centre, and the Museum of Hont can be found in this lovely location.

There are more significant sights we recommend you to visit, such as the Catholic and also the Evangelical Church, the Calvary of Šahy and the Park of the town.

Natural values

The surrounding areas of the town form a small biogeographical region. On the higher level of the land, it is covered by deciduous forests which include ( oaks, turkey oaks, beech trees, acacias, and hornbeams. ) Walking towards the river there is an abrupt change of landscape to dry steppe-like vegetation, followed by wetlands, grazing grounds, hayfields, meadows and floodplain forests. ( willows, alders, and poplars.) The distinctive fauna and flora of the region carry significant values as they have a great impact on biological diversity as well as on climate.

Consequently, this environment is characterised by the abundance of flora and fauna.

In order to maintain natural and cultural values of the region the following National Parks were established: Duna- Ipoly National park which is located on the South border of the town, the Ramsar area of Ipoly valley that can be found on the East border and the Natura 2000 area together with the Big Sand Dune, Martonka and the Marshland of Tesmag with the Surdocké Meadows. They are all submitted to environmental protection.


The most remarkable cultural events include the followings, the traditional cultural days of Hont has been organised for 37 years, the Ipoly Day ( has 16 years of tradition ) Meetings in the Riverside of Ipoly event ( has 16 years of tradition) Christmas Hand Warming ( has been organised for 13 years)and the International Whitsun Choir Festival which has been held on 7 occasions so far.

The Memorial Day of Sándor Sajó and two Reciting Poetry Competitions are held regularly in the town. Each year, citizens commemorate the revolution and war of independence of 1848/49 and the revolution of 1956 just as well as they celebrate the day of Saint Stephen.



The pontoon can be found at the foundation of the bridge. The kayaks and canoes for 20 people are available at the Town Hall. The pier ensures comfortable and safe launching for rowers, however, longer water trips can be taken with guides and in predefined time only.

Contact information

Mayor Office Šahy ( Mesto Šahy )

Ing. Štefan Gregor

Hlavné nám. 1, Šahy

GPS: 48.069638, 18.947136

E-mail: sahy@sahy.sk

Website: www.sahy.sk


Opening hours: Monday-Friday 7.30-15.30