Programme options in Litke

Litke - the tiny village surrounded by nature


Litke is situated next to the river Ipoly where it joins Dobroda stream. It had been populated before the Hungarian conquest thus this area abounds with historic relics. The natural environment also attracts a large number of tourists. Both, the valley of Paris- stream which is a World Heritage Site and the Fossils of Ipolytarnóc ensure unforgettable experiences for visitors. After a long water trip, visitors can rest and have refreshments in the Leisure Park of Rárós or can gain knowledge about craftwork in Litke.

Get familiar with the rug-weaving methods

Visitors are provided with an opportunity to get an insight into handicraft weaving of rugs in the Village Museum. They can use weaving tools and try their skills on old looms. Furthermore, the collection of Local History and Ethnography is also available such as folk weaves, tapestries tablecloths, and different linens. There is an interesting permanent exhibition of cornhusking craftwork of Mrs. Alfonz Kanyó who has been awarded the Hungarian Craftwork-prize for her unique masterpieces.


The recollection of the past on cornfields.

One of the most distinctive jobs of rural life was the husking of corn which was done by several people as a social event. In the court of the Village Museum, visitors may get familiar with the process of corn husking as well as many traditional usages of corn. They can also try to make corn-cob toys or different household objects. Visitors can have a bite of boiled or fried corn which is a fancied delicacy, especially when it is strewn with poppy seed.