Szob is a small town with a great history, located at the estuary of the river Ipoly. It abounds with historical and cultural relics from the antique age to the modern age as well as it has a magnificent natural environment.

It is an ideal place for water trips, cycling, horse riding and hiking due to its adventitious location as it is situated next to the river Danube and the foot of Börzsöny mountain as well as it is close to Danube-Ipoly National Park.

Visitors can learn some interesting cultural facts like where the holiday house of Robert the Archbishop of Esztergom was built and where the famous peach-garden is located or the story of the thousands of years old ferry harbour. They also can taste delicious local goat and cow cheese.

The Calvary of Szob is a popular tourist destination. The stations of the cross had been built in 1881 but the construction of the Chapel was completed by 1890, only. The blueprints and design were made by Gyõzõ Czigler. Thirty graven limestone stairs go up to the top of the hill where the view is spectacular and delightful to the surrounding areas such as the river Danube and the mountains of Visegrád and the mountains and island of Helemba. A Hungarian landscape painter, Károly Ligeti has also discovered the picturesque beauty of the area.

The Börzsöny Museum of Szob provides both permanent and temporary exhibitions for visitors and students groups. Besides, the Museum gives a home for classical music concerts and evening shows that are organised regularly throughout the year.

When visiting Szob, there are some places that shouldn’t be missed, like the bank of the river Danube where delicious dishes, fine playgrounds and comfortable benches under the leafy trees are inviting visitors to stay.

Visitors can take a journey around the area on the Szob-Börzsöny Forest Train which guarantees unforgettable experiences for all age groups.


The one paddle pontoon of Szob is situated in the Estate of Danube-Ipoly Water Sports Club. The club organises camps, kayak-canoe rowing training, and water trips. 

Equipment includes dragon boats for 20 people, kayaks and canoes and bicycles. It is suitable for school trips, friends meetings, and even for team building training with professional purposes. The club’s employees are well experienced and happy to assist tourists in their leisure time activities.


Contact information

Duna-Ipoly Sportegyesület (Duna-Ipoly Sports Club)



Address: 2600 Vác, Balassagyarmat Út 19.

Phone number: +36 20 267 0521