Ipolytölgyes is located about 17 km from the river Danube and Szob. The journey from Szob takes about half-day rowing. This is one of the most preferred places of overnight accommodation to water tourists and it is also a great starting point for water trips on the Ipoly river. It is worth to visit and take a walk in the village which has 300 inhabitants only. The church is the first building located nearest the river Ipoly. The written sign of foundation’s date, 1794 on the village entrance indicates the age of the village but certain parts of the church are much older, in fact. Nearby the entrance there is an original hammered tower- cross that proves the existence of smith technology dating back to 16th century. The oldest and renovated village house became a fully furnished Ethnographic Village Museum of Ipolytölgyes. Walking farther on the street some renovated statues can be seen.If visitors are interested in taking longer trips around the area, bicycles are available to hire at the local authorities. The most preferred touristic target is Nagybörzsöny which is 4 km from Ipolytölgyes.


Natural values

Ipolytölgyes is located on the bank of the River Ipoly and at the foot of the Börzsöny mountain. The part of the village that reaches into the area of Börzsöny belongs to the Danube-Ipoly National Park and the banks of the River Ipoly are protected by Natura 2000. The Cserge stream crosses road 1201, North from the village. From the bridge towards the mountain, a large beavers colony lives and has built dams and lodges. 



Ipolytölgyes hosts several cultural events and offers interesting programmes to the neighbouring areas. Each year, on the 11th of April, we organise the Day of Hungarian Poetry when the poets of the neighbourhood present their newest poems. On Whitsun holiday, we also arrange football matches the so-called “ Ipoly Cup” for Hungarian and Slovakian players. The first three winner teams can take parts in the summer Final Cup and play against three Slovakian football teams.The Final Cup is organised by Ipolytölgyes in every odd year, and by Ipolyszalka in every even-numbered year.The organisation of the “ Wheel Festival” take place on the last Saturday of August. The event includes veteran vehicles’ show as well as a go-cart race and many other exiting programmes.

We highly recommend our guests to visit the church and the Ethnographic Village Museum, however, visitors need to book a date in advance to take tours inside the buildings with the assistance of a local guide. Amongst the local people, there is an amateur astronomer who can show the near planets with his hand-made telescope. One of our elderly citizens is the specialist of the Devil’s Padlock, his collection of instruments are mind-challenging. The only licensed traditional small-scale grower produces chili peppers and chili products. His products can be tasted and purchased as well. If visitors wish to take a long walk outside the village, we recommend them to visit the ruins of Saint Márton Church that are 2 km from the village or to visit and marvel the beavers colony nearby.


The pontoon of Ipolytölgyes provides opportunities of kayaking and canoeing on the Ipoly and the Danube rivers for 40 people. A large pier and a lifeboat together ensure safe launch even for disabled visitors. Bicycles are available to hire at the pontoon.

Contact information

Local Government of Ipolytölgyes 

Mayor, Bertalan Radnai

2633 Ipolytölgyes Petõfi street 42

Phone number: 003627578521

E-mail: polgarmester@ipolytolgyes.hu


Website: www.ipolytolgyes.hu