Programme options in Szécsény

Natural and historical values of Szécsény


Szécsény and its surroundings await visitors with diverse natural and cultural values. We invite you to the Museum of Ferenc Kubinyi, the Live Room Escape of Tömlöcbástya, the Nostalgia Museum, the Firefighting exhibition of the Fire Lookout Tower or to an adventure tour following Jesus’ footprints, and the nearby World Heritage village, Hollókõ where various and exciting programmes wait for you. Szécsény has 7 restaurants in which everyone can find the most delicious dishes with a portion of a favourable size. The 1 paddle pontoon on Robinson Island with its adventure park provides a great number of entertaining activities and is able to give accommodation to groups, up to 100 people

Adventure tour in Jesus’ footprints

The Vulcanian rocks on the hills around the Rock Mountain of Nagylóc bear a large variety of unique shapes and sizes thanks to nature’s power and the erosion processes that have contributed to their formation. Few of them were formed in a special way and their shape resembles footprints thus they are called “ Jesus Footprints “ and as a consequence, the place has become a cultic scene. Also, there is a magnificent view of the surrounding areas.

Who is lucky enough and gets up early may have a fantastic experience and take pictures of fallow deers even of the rarest white ones.

The guides are experienced and have great knowledge about the environment, so they can lead visitors even to the hidden places where more unique and interesting natural phenomena can be seen. The area is an important hunting location, therefore, making an appointment in advance with the Hunter Association is absolutely necessary, especially in hunting season.