The village is located in the valley of the Ipoly river surrounded by a scenic wine-growing region. The population of the village includes three different nationalities such as  Hungarian, Slovakian and Romani citizens. We can have a magnificent view from the top of the surrounding hills, moreover, we might be able to see beyond Slovakia.

We can cycle not only on the main roads but on natural paths along the river where many possibilities are provided for refreshments and to chill out. In addition, we can simply walk on the village bridge over the river and get to Hungary.


Natural values

The village surrounded by mystery due to the ruins of so-called “ Castle Hill” creating a unique atmosphere in the area.

Bušince is enriched with the beautiful natural environment which is an ideal place for beekeepers whose honey indeed, is famous in the county.


Culture and other attractions

Each year, the local residents organise the so-called “ days of the village “ event based on local traditions with rich cultural entertaining programmes.

There is a specific “farewell from summer” event, organised for children before they get back to school. Also, creative workshops are held for children on four occasions when kids can create unique things with their parents.

The first camp of Bušince was held in 2019. The visitors and locals could strengthen their existing relationships and be able to make new friendships on this occasion. The regular balls, erecting Maypoles, baby welcomes, jubilees, celebrations of Santa Claus, mother’s days, and many other events prove the rich traditions of Bussa and ensure the varied cultural life of the village.

Fishermen are provided with lots of opportunities by the river to enjoy their passion. There are many different entertaining opportunities in the area for those who are passionate about extreme sports. The nearby hills give good chances of skydiving for instance. The area is enriched with historic places and ruins, therefore, the lovers of geocaching can go on a treasure hunt or discover hidden spots.

Please visit us because we guarantee your entertainment.


Bušince can provide 12 kayaks and canoes for those who are interested in water sports and 14 bicycles for cyclists. We highly recommend you to take part in water trips accompanied by experienced guides in the Bušince section of the river.

Contact information

Municipality Office Bussa

Mayor, Zoltán Végh

Address: Zeleznicna 4/320

GPS coordinates: 48.173061899, 19.500507116

Phone number: +421918532297

e-mail: oubusince@gonet.sk

Website: www.obecbusince.sk