Veľká Čalomija


The settlement of Nagycsalomja is situated close to the riverside of Ipoly. The natural environment and wilderness of the area and the near forests, meadows offer fascinating opportunities for relaxation, leisure time and sports activities. Although the village is one of the smallest amongst the nearby villages it has great potential for tourism as there are plentiful sights in the area.


The so-called “Pusztatemplom” bare church’ reputation has reached distant areas. It symbolises the local Christianity. The ruins of the church can be found on the top of a northern hill, situated on the North of the village. Presumably, it was built in the period of the reign of Saint Laszló, in the 11th century.Later in 1242, It had been destroyed by the Tatar invasion and was rebuilt and renovated in gothic style in the 14th century, only.One of the prominent families, the Gáspár family built a tomb in the basement of the church as a consequence of insulting the king. Building a tomb was a condition of avoiding the punishment promised by the king.

The delightful Village Museum holds different folklore pieces of art and ensures a meaningful stay for visitors. Its traditional, roofed veranda and the garden with a lake, offer a pleasing atmosphere as well. Tourists can also visit a well preserved German Bunker from World War II. period.

Cultural programmes

Amongst many cultural events, one of the most important programmes is the Celebration of Music. In honour of a local composer, we give concerts by inviting local talents of neighbouring music schools, from Nagykürtös, Kékkő, Ipolybalog, and Balassagyarmat . The event takes place on the last weekend of May.

One of the most attractive events in May is the so-called “ Night of the Museums” when a mass is held to celebrate the church early in the evening, and different cultural performances ensure the entertainment of the audience in the later hours of the night at the ruins of “ Pusztatemplom”. The magnificent environment provides an unforgettable experience to visitors. Please, come to visit us, we would be delighted.


There is an adequate number of kayaks and canoes (up to 40 people) and 10 bicycles provided for tourists. This friendly section of the Ipoly river is suitable for easy rowing that can be assisted by experienced guides.

Contact information

Office of local authorities

Pásztor Roman

Vel’ka Čalomija 214

GPS: 48.0690903-19.201129



Phone number: 00421 47 48 75 116

Opening hours on weekdays: 8.00-16.00