Szécsény – Robinson Islands


The Robinson Islands are located 4 km from the centre of Szécsény, in the area of Natura 2000 National Park. It is easily accessible on a macadam road either by car or bike.There 35 good quality wooden cabins, 2 public houses, campsites, open fireplaces are provided for visitors and guests.The entertainment is ensured by a wide range of sport activity services. The Robinson Air Canopy, playgrounds, and an obstacle course, rowing opportunities, beach volleyball, and foot tennis grounds are available to visitors

Natural values

The 10-meters high lookout-tower offers a magnificent view of the 65 acres environmentally protected Natura 2000 National Park which is also the habitat of different species just as birds and mammals with rich vegetation.The two lakes and backwater give a home to different indigenous fish of Ipoly such as carps, breams, and catfish.

Cultural life

The first Robinson festival was held on 15/06/2018 and it lasted for three days. We invite all age groups and offer a wide range of programmes, various genres of music that satisfies all musical tastes. A Spartan obstacle course and an Air Canopy were built, in 2019. We are pleased to offer you a fantastic slide experience, depending on weather conditions.

We also organise popular steeplechase races for all age groups. Furthermore, each year, there is a fishermen competition for those who are enthusiastic about fishing. 

The town of Szécsény

The town is situated a short distance from Robinson Islands. There are beautiful sights, marvellous streets, buildings and museums such as the museum of Ferenc Kubinyi, Nostalgia museum, and a Fire Watch Tower. They are all waiting to be discovered by tourists. The town is well known about an important historic event the so-called Diet of Szécsény which was summoned in 1705. Its lovely promenade and rich gastronomy make it one of the most magical towns of Hungary. We offer a large variety of entertaining events and opportunities to relax or get a taste of local culture as well as of local gastronomy.


The pontoon provides visitors with 10 bicycles and numerous kayaks and canoes. The nearby villages like Hollókő or the fossils of Ipolytarnóc, both World Heritage Sites, are easily accessible from here.

The beginner rowers can practice in the creeks which are located between the islands, therefore these areas are ideal campsites for schoolchildren, families, and groups of adults or pensioners.

The Ipoly river welcomes experienced tourists and rowers to take part in adventurous water trips assisted by guides all along the river to Balassagyarmat.

Contact information

Robinson Islands 

Béla Varga

3170 Szécsény, periphery area ( Creeks of the Ipoly river, lakes )

Phone number: 0036 20 333 47 17