Civitas Fortissima- Balassagyarmat the bravest city

Balassagyarmat is the “capital city of Palóc country” as the prominent author of Hungarian epic, Kálmán Mikszáth said. Palóc people’s origin is quite mysterious. Their distinctive dialect, culture, folklore, and traditions make them a unique ethnicity. 

The city has so many beautiful sights since the secessionist- eclectic city centre was renewed in 2013. The Baroque church rich in relics was restored. Amongst the sights of the city, there are many outstanding buildings that are worth to see, such as the old Greek Revival style County House or the hundreds of years old civilian houses even the building of the prison is a unique construction in Europe. Moreover, the Serbian church, the gallery of Endre Horváth, the local history collection and Jánossy gallery, are all to be seen by tourists.

Natural values

Along the romantic Ipoly river banks, there are so many inviting sights and delightful natural places waiting for visitors. The national park of Danube- Ipoly includes some environmentally protected areas such as the surrounding wilderness bog area, marshland and the Bog of Éger educational trail and the Six Lakes of Nyírjes. The botanical garden and wildlife park of Nyírjes are great spots for ecotourism and available to everyone from schoolchildren to all age groups. The area has an educational purpose and potential, therefore the visitors often tend to return here.

Cultural values

The city was ruined and rebuilt in its course of history. Although the population of the town was replaced in several occasions due to historical circumstances it has always been able to regenerate. It has become a proud, patriotic and rich cultured city which became a county town. Instead of soldiers, merchants, craftsmen, clerks, and farmers have been living here.

After the destruction of the 20th century ( World Wars, Trianon, and Communist Regimes) it was successfully renewed. Finally, we can say again that Balassagyarmat is a wonderful and dynamic city thanks to the change of regime.

Many facilities provided for various entertaining activities. A cultural centre, exhibitions, cafes and bars, a bath, the famous Jagyutt confectioners and restaurants offer a wide range of possibilities to satisfy cultural and gastronomical needs and guarantee a high standard of entertainment.


Sándor Weöres Regional drama group of children performances, Imre Madách international dramatic arts days, regional joy of music talent scout, Balassa competition of crosswords,  furthermore lectures of local history and arts, exhibitions, Palóc triathlon, “ music with no borders” musicians’ camp, honour of Saint Anna Palóc festival, memorial days of Endre Horváth and Károly Jobbágy, students festival, county celebration of Imre Madách, markets of advent and Saint Michael, motorists street race, “ let’s move” mass sport races, Ligipop music, and jazz concerts and concerts free of charge are all expecting and welcoming visitors throughout the year.


The one paddle pontoon of Balassagyarmat provides kayaks, canoes, and bicycles for tourists who visit the riverside of Ipoly.

The city and its surroundings have innumerable beautiful sights, marvellous natural environment, gastronomic specialties are waiting to be discovered. Please, visit us, and be part of the magical life of Palóc.

Contact information:

Municipality of Balassagyarmat

2660 Balassagyarmat, Rákóczi street 12.


tel: +36-35/505-900