Programme options in Šahy

A  border town- Šahy

The town is located at the point where the Ipeľ and Krupinica rivers converge, and the river Ipoly leaves the border. The town is divided by the Ipoly river. Since 1806 it is the county town of Hont.

We invite you to explore the beautiful environment of the town. Spend an unforgettable day in Ipolyság and its neighbourhood. After a sightseeing tour which includes many historic sights of the town, have lunch in the heart of the town in company with birds and squirrels. If visitors are interested in pottery making they can take part in workshops of ceramic arts provided by Adrien Kutak ceramic artist. At the end of the day, visitors may have a rare and special gastronomic experience in the István Wine-cellar. 

The nearby Kutyori Konyha ( Kutyor Kitchen) is also available for visitors where they can get an impression of fruit processing.


In order to understand the present get familiar with the past.

There are so many buildings on the main square of the town that well worth a visit. While taking a short walk in the town centre visitors can see the gallery of Lajos Simonyi, the old Polish Inn, also the old Savings Bank. Furthermore, the renovated Synagogue which is situated in the Bartók square and operates as a cultural centre, cannot be missed.

There are more significant sights we recommend you to visit, such as the Catholic and also the Evangelical Church, the Calvary of Šahy, and the lovely town Park. Walking farther in the town, do not miss visiting “the town in the city” exhibition and the Museum of Šahy and Hont where rich archaeological and ethnologic collections can be seen. Visitors may have great opportunities to broaden their knowledge about the history of noble families who lived in the area.