Programme options in Vyškovce nad Ipľom

Vyškovce nad Ipľom, the “peninsula” of the hinterland area

Vyškovce nad ipľom or Vyškovce, as it is called in everyday life, is a “peninsula” of the hinterland which is situated on the riverside of the Ipoly. The over 860 years old village forms a border between Hungary and Slovakia.

The Saint Margaret Catholic Church of Antioch which is one of the biggest church of the region can be found here at the bottom of the Mahér hill. In addition, the Mahér hill is a historical memorial place as well as the site of the old Calvary.

Take a trip around Vyškovce nad Ipľom

Hiking around Vyškovce nad Ipľom is not only a great exercise but also an enriching and fantastic experience.

The natural values, the cultic places and the historic sites and relics of the region have always made visitors amazed.

Visitors can spend blissful hours on the lakeshore of Vyškovce. Although there are opportunities for line fishing the possession of a fishing license is absolutely necessary. Before arriving at the lake we recommend you to visit the agricultural park of Oom Laci where different farming machines and livestock can be seen.

Various leisure time activities await for visitors at the tiny lake (“ Paloc Balaton”) of Visk which is one of the most popular watering places in the area and it can be visited in every season. Visitors can take a nice walk around the lake or when it is frozen ice skating is also possible but only at your own risk. The lake is a perfect place for swimming and sunbathing when summer has arrived. Visitors are allowed to swim in the lake, though the sudden alternation of the lake bottom requires great caution. There are possibilities to feed the curious swans which is great fun.