Šahy, Tešmak - Kingfisher Visitor Centre


The well-equipped centre is located in Tešmak, next to the river bank at the meeting point of Börzsöny mountain and Krupina plateau, only 6 km distance from the town of Ipolyság ( Šahy). The purpose of the centre is to raise awareness of environmental protection together with the education of the natural environment and provide information related to environmental issues and give adequate services of ecotourism.

As the entrance of the riverside region, we offer a wide range of services and happily provide assistance of orientation around this area. There are Eight, two-storey wooden cabins with single, duble and triple rooms which provide suitable accommodation for 56 people. We hope that our services will successfully contribute to your entertainment.

We also provide meals for groups up to 100 people in the restaurant which can be found in the centre. Moreover, we possess a conference room for meetings which can hold conferences for 80 people. There are other rooms and premises suitable for organising workshops, also there is a library, a cafe and an open fireplace for barbecue parties.

Visitors are provided with exhibitions in three languages of the Ipoly area’s cultural and natural values such as its habitats, unique and protected species. The educational trail along the Poiplie Ramsar Site (14 km ) and Šomoš nature trail (7km ) starts in the Kingfisher centre going past the lookout-tower of Vrabčia hora and goes through a Ricefields and ends at the Dejtár and Ipolyvece Birds Observatory Towers. By taking part in a long trip on the trail, visitors may have a better understanding of the surrounding natural environment and better chances to observe the wilderness of the area.


The seventh port of our network is situated near the Kingfisher Visitor Centre. A pier assists in launching. Boats are available to hire at the nearby municipals, Ipeľské Predmostie or Šahy on request.


Contact information:

Ochranárske a kultúrne združnie Poiplia-Ipel’ska únia

(Environmental and Cultural Association of the Ipeľ River Watershed)

Phone number: +421367410451

E-mail: ipelunion@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Ipelunion


Photoes of the accommodation building, programmes and surroundings of the centre:

Jégmadár Központ