Vyškovce nad Ipľom


Vyškovce nad Ipľom or Vyškoce, as it called in everyday life, is a “peninsula” of the hinterland which is situated on the riverside of the Ipeľ. The over 860 years old village forms a border between Hungary and Slovakia. It is a part of The Palóc Land from the ethnographical point of view. It is worth to visit if you are interested in the distinctive dialects and unique manner of speaking. Visk is marked by history and its inhabitants mostly Hungarians. The handful population of the village is famous for its hospitality, self-confidence, diligence, and conviviality. The entertaining events and the Hungarian fish soup feasts have made a name for the village all over the county and cross-border.

Natural values

Ipolyvisk as its name represents, holds one of the most characterised natural values of the area, the river Ipeľ.

The frilled ribbon of the Ipoly goes around the village sometimes as a curse and sometimes as a blessing. We can see the trails and paw prints of foxes, rabbits, and deers on the frozen surface of the river, in wintertime. After the winter has gone, beavers occupy the banks of the river where they work all day long to shape their homes. Swallows, black storks, and bee-eaters are our recurring guests.

We offer varied recreational and leisure activities for visitors. Our tiny lake ( as we call it: “Palóc Balaton” ) can be visited either in summer or winter seasons. In wintertime, we can take a refreshing walk around the lake or when it is frozen we can skate on the ice, however only on our own responsibility.

Cultural values

Vyškovce nad Ipľom abounds in hidden treasures. The Saint Margaret Catholic Church of Antioch which is one of the biggest church of the region can be found here at the bottom of the Mahér hill. In addition, the Mahér hill is a historical memorial place as well as the site of the old Calvary.


The port of the village provides 12 boats and bicycles for visitors.


Contact information

Office of Ipolyvisk / Obecnŷ úrad Vyškovce nad Ipl’om

Antal Nyustin Ágnes, mayor

Vyškovce nad Ipl’om 132, 935 77

GPS: N 48.0551367, E 18.8673757

Phone number: +421 36 742 10 89

Fax: +421 36 742 10 88

E-mail: podatelna@vyskovcenadiplom.sk

Website: www.vyskovcenadiplom.sk