Ipeľské Predmostie


Ipolyhídvég is one of the oldest municipalities of Hont County. It was first mentioned in writing, in 1252. The village and its surroundings teem with unique and extremely diverse wildlife thus it is an important touristic destination. It is also an ideal place to pursue different sports activities such as rowing, cycling or simply walking. The area belongs to the protected riverside of the Ipoly. The village is worthily proud of its art and historic monuments such as the Catholic Church, the Baroque Pieta, and Wooden Statues.


The local wine-growers invite visitors for wine tasting in February. If you would like to taste good quality wines you are welcome for a glass or two or more. There are numerous traditional ways to celebrate Easter too, on Palm Sunday. The local people have traditions of egg-painting and erecting an egg-pole together with the revival of an old tradition, called “ Kiszehajtás”. Everyone is welcome to the event who are interested in folklore culture.

There is a village day with various cultural programmes, organised in June.

On the third Saturday of September we have a grape harvest parade which starts in the Catholic Church with blessing the grapes then everyone - dressed in traditional clothes- marching through the village, singing, and dancing. The harvest ball lasts till dawn at the open-air stage.

More to be seen

The Catholic Church was consecrated in the honour of the Queen of Rosary Beads, in 1924. The copy of Madonna of Częstochowa, painted by Jan Lewatrowski one of the most famous belongings of the church. By the entrance of the cemetery, a Pieta stone statue can be seen which dates back to 18th century, and at the entrance of the sport ground a beautiful garden lake which is surrounded by wooden statues of a stork, a dragonfly, and a lizard. Nearby, there is a New- Gothic Chapel situated on the road that leads to Tešmak.


The port of Ipeľské predmostie provides 14 kayaks and canoes for tourists. It ensures safe rowing even for beginners, though there are some obstacles thus we suggest taking longer water trips with experienced guides for safety. We also provide a nine-seater vehicle for comfortable transportation.

Contact information:

Municipal Office of Ipolyhídvég 

Viktor Lestyánszky 

Ipeľské Predmostie 133

Phone number: +421 474 888 131

E-mail: ipelpred@gmail.com

Website: www.ipelskepredmostie.sk

Office hours on weekdays: 7.30-12.00 and 12.30-15.30