Litke is the farthest member on the North of the Ipelrowing network. Litke municipality is situated near the Slovakian border, surrounded by hills, meadows, and forests. The nearby cities such as Salgótarján ( 21 km), Szécsény ( 21 km), Lučenec / Slovakia (13 km ) have raised their popularity in the recent years, therefore they attract a large number of tourists every year. The unpolluted, fresh air and tranquil atmosphere ensure the enjoyment of hiking.

The geographical location of Litke is quite advantageous from the touristic point of view because it can be reached by car and train from Szécsény or Ipolytarnóc. 

The north part of Nógrád county has gained great popularity among the tourists due to a large number of fossils of Ipolytarnóc, which undoubtedly one of the main attractions. The Fossils of Ipolytarnóc and its surrounding area, are nature reserve areas. The other appealing location is the “ Palóc Grand Canyon” or as it is called the valley of Paris’ stream. Both attractions can be found within 8 km in our agglomeration.

Places to see


Csádalj is the river-meadow of Ipoly. The area’s wildlife and vegetation are varied, willow trees, different sedges, and birds live in the marshland. Not only ducks and swans can be found here but rare species as well, e.g. Egrets and Ibises.

Krétabánya- Krétásgödör/  Chalk-Mine-Chalk Pit

According to the name of the mine, the soil contains chalk-like material which is, in fact, white coloured flint. It was first mentioned in writing in 1819. In the course of palaeonthological excavations, more than 10 million of years age remains of bones, shells, and fossils were found here.

The Grove of the Millennium- Saint Stephen Park, Litke

Seven oak trees were planted to commemorate the 1000th anniversary of Hungarian conquest and symbolise the seven chieftains. The stone sculpture of Saint Stephen stands in the centre of the woods. The grove of the millennium was given a Nógrádium award by the Local values Collection Commission of Nógrád county.

Rárósmúlyad - Church 

It is the first church of Hungary with a ferroconcrete structure, 2 km from Litke. We recommend you to visit it because it is breathtakingly beautiful.The church - named in honour of Saint Erzsébet- breaks all rules. Instead of the usual nave, we can see an octagon-shaped, brightly lit dome. Moreover, it represents an innovative intention of the artists and architects as it is clearly shown by its secession ornaments.Only ten years were guaranteed at the time when it was built because they were inexperienced in the new building methods.Since the renovation of the church in 2011, the building has been in perfect shape, therefore we hope, it will represent the golden age of Medgyaszay and the Hungarian architecture for a long time in the future.


The first port of Ipelrowing network can be found in the leisure park of Rárós. A pier helps in safe launching of the boats. It is also possible to hire boats from Bussa. Please, keep in mind that nature reserve areas can only be visited with a guide, on days that booked in advance.

The leisure park of Rárós

It is situated 4 km from Litke where the Ipoly river joins Dobroda stream. The beautiful natural environment has unpolluted fresh air and a fantastic view of the surrounding area.Electricity supply, piped drinking water, sanitary facilities, furnished cabin for 6 people, fireplace, benches, and tables are available in the park. It is an ideal place for tourists to enjoy their leisure time as well as for organising sports events.


Contact information

The Common Local Government Office of Mihálygerge, Litke branch-office

Zoltán Vámos, mayor of Litke

3186 Litke, Kossuth utca, 31

Phone number: 003632453200



Office hours: Monday: 9.00-15.30, Tuesday: 9.00-12.00, Thursday: 13.00-15.30