Hike with us in the Ipeľ /Ipoly Valley!

The romantic and adventurous Ipoly river has not been discovered by many people yet, though it runs a great distance and forms 140 km long borderline between Hungary and Slovakia.It had been different before 1920 as it rather had provided a strong connection between people who lived in the area than separated them.The ‘rowing in the same river” project enabled us to create this publication which attempts to convey the message of the importance of connection for both, the local inhabitants and visitors.

The project’s main aim is to show the river Ipoly and its region as an integrated cultural and natural region.If you wish to discover the local natural and cultural life and traditions or have a desire to meet Palóc people and Tót relatives, you are warmly welcomed to this beautiful place.

The winding Ipoly river and its floodplain-forests and meadows are excellent localities for kayak and canoe rowers to go on water trips. Besides Börzsöny mountain there are well-known routes and beauty spots where we can take walks around or longer excursions along the river and the plateau of Korpona. There are also some routes accessible to cyclists.There are excellent possibilities to observe the wildlife of this region from lookout towers and view-points that are built on the top of the hills and provide a magnificent view of the surrounding area. The variety of wildlife also provides opportunities for line-fishing and hunting tourism.Also, the local gastronomy has been enhanced gradually, therefore the gastronomic specialties and quality wines have attracted an increasing number of tourists to the region recently.

Browse through the website to find suitable events which interest you most, book an accommodation, search out the best restaurants and plan your trip ahead. You can find all of the useful information you need to plan ahead on our website. Do not hesitate just take a boat or a bicycle, put on your boots and be prepared to discover the breathtaking beauty of Ipoly-valley.